Mehari Taddele Maru is a well-known TPLF apologist

TPLF Apologist’s Crocodile Tears and Disinformation Masquerading as Academic Research

Contrary to Dr. Mehari Taddele Maru’s insinuations, Eritrea’s 2020-2022 war was a defensive stance against the TPLF’s expansionist aims and territorial occupation, not against the Tigrayan ethnic group. Maru’s introduction of unrelated geopolitical events is a mere distraction and an attempt to garner international sympathy by misleadingly casting blame. On October 3, 2023, “Just Security,” […]

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Public frustration, intra-party tensions and the fragility of the interim Tigray administration

Violent Suppression of Tigray Protests Exposes Internal Powder Keg

Crackdown on opposition protest lays bare public frustration, intra-party tensions and the fragility of the interim Tigray administration. Internal political strife in Ethiopia’s Tigray region boiled over in early September when authorities used force to suppress opposition parties and demonstrators, who claim the interim administration has not fulfilled its post-war promises. Frictions arose after three […]

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Ethiopia’s parliament removed TPLF from a list of terrorist organization

Ethiopian Lawmakers Removes Terrorist Tag from TPLF

The delisting is a prerequisite to the TPLF’s participation in an interim regional government after the end of Ethiopia’s civil war. Ethiopia’s parliament on Wednesday removed the dominant party in the Tigray region from a list of “terrorist organizations”, a significant step towards establishing an interim regional government following the end of a two-year civil […]

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US Won’t Rush to Sanction Officials Over Tigray War: Envoy

“Washington will be relying on the historical relationship and strategic partnership with Ethiopia to ensure peace negotiations come to fruition.” – SEHOA Hammer BY FRED OLUOCH | THE EAST AFRICAN The US government has indicated that it will not rush to use the sanction card against the warring factions in Ethiopia even though fresh fighting […]

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TPLF Rebel Spokesperson Admits Igniting Tigray War

In an opinion piece for the Foreign Policy website, the TPLF rebel spokesman admits of undertaking “a preemptive operation to disarm and neutralize the northern command” – a move he considers “a legitimate act of self-defense.” BY SUDAN POST Ethiopia’s rebellious Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has admitted that it started the deadly conflict that […]

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Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict Reconsidered

How TPLF’s plan for victory like Israel’s Six-Days-War has turned to an embarrassing defeat that resembles Egypt’s Yom-Kippur war? BY MAHLET AYELE BEYECHA | VOICE4THOUGHT “We were literally caught with-our-pants-down … but we won because that is our mindset, … to win!”, said the late Dr Yehuda Paz, founder, and chair of the Negev Institute […]

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