Orotta College of Medicine and Health Science commences providing Ophthalmology Specialist Training

Ophthalmology Specialist Training Launched in Eritrea

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A residency program in ophthalmology has been launched at Orotta College of Medicine and Health Sciences in conjunction with the Fred Hollows Foundation to supplement six postgraduate programs in internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, gynecology, radiology, and pathology.

The Orotta College of Medicine and Health Science in cooperation with the Fred Hollows Foundation commences providing Ophthalmology Specialist Training.

The launching ceremony organized on 9 March at the Asmara Palace Hotel, was attended by Dr. Haile Mehtsun, Executive Director of National Higher Education and Research Institute, representatives of the Ministry of Health and Fred Hollows as well as members of the Himalayan Cataract Project and dean of colleges.

Dr. Yemane Seyum, Dean of the Orotta College of Medicine and Health Science, said that the college has been providing specialist training in six fields of Ophthalmology and that the additional training will have a significant contribution in producing more qualified professionals with a view to ensure ophthalmic service to the public.

Dr. Andrew Cassel-Brown, Medical Director at the Fred Hollows Foundation, on his part said that Fred Hollows Foundation has had historically strong relations with Eritrea’s ophthalmic services in a strong bonded relationship that goes way back to the armed struggle period and that was well strengthened and flourished much and reached high enough after independence.

Dr. Andrew went on to say that the in-country initiative of the ophthalmic postgraduate residency program will definitely boost and expand the delivery of quality ophthalmic services in the country.

The Orotta College of Medicine and Health Science has been providing postgraduate training in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics, Radiology, and Pathology.