President Isaias’ 2020 Interview: Regional Issues

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In this first part of the interview, President Isaias elaborated recent developments and trends in the region from Eritrea’s perspectives and policy stance.


In the first part of the interview with Eri-Tv and Radio Dimtsi Hafash, President Isaias Afwerki elaborated the recent developments in the region from Eritrea’s perspective policy stance.

President Isaias acknowledged the historic and bold initiative of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed for fully accepting the EEBC ruling and initiating reform of policy of institutionalized ethnic polarization of Ethiopia.

President Isaias also underlined and expressed respect to the unparalleled resilience of the Eritrean people which was essential in precipitating and securing the new positive climate of regional peace.

President Isaias further alluded to the antics and obstructionist stance of the bankrupt clique bent on rolling back the peace process, including full restitution of Eritrean sovereignty in Badme as provided by key pillars of the peace agreement and the reform in Ethiopia.

As regards to Sudan, President Isaias underlined that the demise of the now defunct regime which was sponsoring fundamentalist extremism will have dividends to the Sudan and as a while although the challenges to the Transition remains substantial.

President Isaias further explained on Eritrea’s 11-point policy stance on the structured framework of security and developmental cooperation of the Red Sea littoral states in this vital international maritime route.

The second part of the interview of President Isaias will continue tomorrow, 9 February at 8:00 PM local time.