President Isaias visit Sichuan province

“There is Tremendous Potential for Cooperation” – President Isaias

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Sichuan province leaders pledge to diligently implement agreed consensuses with Eritrea in key areas such as infrastructure, mineral resources, agriculture, culture, and tourism.

On the evening of May 18, after a busy day, Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki was interviewed by reporters to talk about what he thought of the trip to Sichuan. (* software translation)

(Chuanguan News reporter): What is your impression of Sichuan during your trip?

(President Isaias): The trip to Sichuan was an exciting experience, and I was deeply impressed by Sichuan’s technological innovation and quality of life.

It is worth mentioning that I previously thought that infrastructure construction, road transportation, and other fields are Sichuan’s dominant industries, however, through field visits, I found that Sichuan’s research in biotechnology, agriculture, energy, and other fields are also equally amazing.

In my view, Sichuan’s progress reflects the overall progress of China today. It is the joint efforts of all provinces like Sichuan that have brought together today’s mighty China.

Q: What areas are you mainly interested in during this visit to Chuan, and what are your prospects for the next cooperation?

Actually, before my visit, I sorted out with the team and listed more than ten inspection lists, including new energy, agriculture and fisheries, manufacturing, mining, education and health, people-to-people exchanges, etc., and we hope that cooperation in all aspects can be taken to a higher level and exchanges will be expanded to a wider range of fields.

Agriculture is the main industry in Eritrea. This time I saw innovative research by Sichuan companies in agricultural irrigation technology and fresh preservation technology. We look forward to these advanced technologies, which will have the opportunity to be applied on a scale in Eritrea after the experiment to benefit our farmers.

Q: Sichuan is a major clean energy province, and you have visited many relevant sites this time. What are your expectations for cooperation between Eritrea and Sichuan in the field of clean energy?

Eritrea is rich in geothermal resources and hopes to use geothermal power generation in the future. At the same time, in order to diversify our energy sources, we are also actively conducting research on solar and wind energy. Sichuan has mature technology and rich experience in this regard, so we have great potential for cooperation. I believe that the benefits of clean energy development are not just immediate and economical but also long-term and beneficial to people’s lives.

In the course of my conversations with Sichuan business representatives, I mentioned that our next meeting with them will be in Asmara, in my office, to discuss more detailed plans. This is not a joke. Our team is willing to provide all the necessary assistance for better cooperation. (Sichuan Online)