Norwegian Parliament Rejects Proposal on Transnational Oppression of Eritreans

Norwegian Parliament: 4/5 Eritrean-Related Proposals REJECTED


The Norwegian Parliament deliberated on the agenda item regarding “Transnational Oppression” of Eritreans in the country, and following substantial discussion, the parliament REJECTED 4 out of the 5 proposals for lack of evidence.

Proposal #1) Requesting the government to initiate measures and prepare an action plan to combat transnational oppression of Eritreans in Norway.

Voting: 11 YES vs 86 NO ∹ Result: REJECTED ❌

Proposal #2) Requesting the government to investigate the applications for a residence permit to Eritreans in Norway and withdraw the residence permit to those who support the Eritrean regime.

Requesting the government to ensure that revocation cases of citizenship are established given to people who have come to Norway from Eritrea, but support the Eritrean regime.

Voting: 13 YES vs 86 NO ∹ Result: REJECTED ❌

Proposal #3) Requesting the government to draw up an action plan against transnational repression of diaspora communities in Norway.

Requesting the government to map the extent of transnational repression of diaspora environments in Norway and to take measures to combat this on the basis of such a mapping.

Voting: 19 YES vs 80 NO ∹ Result: REJECTED ❌

Proposal #4) Requesting the government to take measures to stop money transfers from Norway to Eritrean authorities and organizations controlled by these.

Voting: 41 YES vs 58 NO ∹ Result: REJECTED ❌

Proposal #5) Requesting the government to follow up on previous reports and take action to prevent transnational repression of people in Norway.

Voting: 77 YES vs 20 NO ∹ Result: ADOPTED ✅

The activism by the Transnational Terrorists grouping known as #BrigadeNHamedu, who are known for terrorizing European capitals through violence, along with their Norwegian sponsors, have miserably failed in their campaign to silence the legitimate voices of the Eritrean community in Norway.

Those who speak recklessly, often echoing corrupt politicians and media voices in Europe, could have reported the Eritrean embassy to the police for illegal or criminal misconduct . However, their inability to do so stems from the fact that their claims are largely founded on false testimonies.

In the past, the Swedish Parliament and UK Police have conducted independent investigations into allegations of “using coercion or illicit means to collect diaspora tax” ultimately REJECTED due to lack of evidence.

What happened in the Norwegian Parliament yesterday was the same. The allegations of “Transnational Oppression of Eritreans in the country” predominantly arise from political activism and hatred towards the Eritrean government, rather than being substantiated by factual evidence.

As we always say, deceptive allegations that has no legs to stand are always destined for the trash bin. (Image credit: The Storting)